Care Management Insights Application

Better Outcomes with Actionable Insights

One of two applications in our Care Management Solution, the Care Management Insights Application gives care managers complete, organized, and data-driven INSIGHTS to manage member care plans.

The VitreosHealth Care Management Insights application is an intuitive, easy-to-use, three-click application that provides care management teams with a deep view of each prioritized member so they can coordinate care for high-risk patients while optimizing their time and resources. Having a complete view of both clinical and non-clinical risk plus prescriptive insights gives care managers an opportunity to engage with patients in a more meaningful and customized way.

A complete view of the patient.

Insights at your fingertips.

The CM Insights Application provides a member’s full story by seamlessly integrating data from multiple EMR sources giving access to medical and socioeconomic data on one dashboard. This application gives each patient’s medical history, doctor’s visits, procedures, Chronic conditions, lab results, disease-specific predictive risk scores, income, education level, household composition, and even motivational drivers for behavioral change Our care managers tell us that claims data provides a better picture of a patient’s activity than EMR data alone. With claims data, a care management team can see a patient’s visits to outpatient and inpatient settings as well as to pharmacies. Information about when a patient goes out of network, is not filling the medications prescribed by the physician, and any other activity that happens outside their organization’s four walls can be very powerful in the hands of a care manager Using the multiple sources of data in the CM Insights Application, a care manger can understand the patient in greater detail and have a more relevant and personal conversation for high impact member engagement Our intuitive application can also optimize the time that a care manager spends preparing for each call and assessing each patient. All the data is at their fingertips! Each refresh updates the application so the care management team is always acting on the newest data

Multi-dimensional Risk Stratification

  • The Care Management Insights Application provides rank-ordered, prioritized patient lists for each care manager based on deep data science and predictive modeling unique and specific to your population, with an accuracy 3-4 times better than the legacy solutions
  • Understanding the likelihood of a patient ending up in the hospital or ER allows a care manager to intervene early to prevent such adverse events with early interventions. In addition to focusing on those who are critically ill and need care, they can focus on patients who are at high risk of experiencing a major health event in a proactive manner, thus targeting the “future” critical