Who We Work With

With healthcare facing significant structural changes in the face of growing costs, the focus is moving deeper into value-based care that centers on preventative care efforts, as well as the ability to engage members in proactive care.

We partner with a wide range of organizations that face unique challenges in the market place across all of healthcare. We work closely with Medicare HMOs and Medicaid MCOs and Employer-sponsored plans (Taft-Hartley Plans); as well as hospital and provider groups who handle Medicare ACOs, Medicare Advantage plans and high performance commercial risk contract.

These healthcare organizations are motivated to lower costs while providing higher quality care and improved health outcomes. They face several challenges and work with us so they can achieve clear and measurable results, at affordable costs.

At any point in the customer evolution, we work with these organizations looking at specific business goals to drive true ROI. We recognize that each organization is unique with distinct expectations for results. Our solution, built on industry-leading artificial intelligence, provides the flexibility and advanced responsiveness critical in handling an organization’s unique needs at any point in time.

We have built this solution with a clear goal of demonstrating transparent, measurable results with pinpoint accuracy.

Our mission then is to partner with our clients for success in this changing marketplace by enabling significant reductions in PMPM through quality outcomes based on our Insights that maximize revenues, resulting in dramatic decreases in Medical Loss Ratios. With this goal, VitreosHealth offers outcomes-based pricing.

Our solution serves innovative and powerful insights to help healthcare organizations succeed in transforming their system to value-based care while providing the analysis of patient population risk to prioritize opportunities for better performance, stimulating change, measuring improvement and achieving the highest results.

How does VitreosHealth Impact Customer Financial Results?