VitreosHealth Launches AI-Driven, High-Impact, Digital Member Engagement Solution

Leverages Member-Specific Precision Analytics and Personalized Messaging

Dallas, TX, August 22, 2017 – VitreosHealth™, the Predictive Healthcare Insights company, announced its new AI-Driven Digital Member Engagement Service today.

While VitreosHealth Insights identify opportunities in making overall positive impacts for patient populations and ultimately leading to better health outcomes for payer and provider organizations, this Digital Engagement Service amplifies care management impact to reach more patients at the right time. This solution sets the tone for raising awareness that patients can have control over their health care decisions and empowers physicians by providing a channel to communicate with their patients directly.

This Digital Engagement solution allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Streamline engagement and connect with members at scale
  • Automate population outreach through digital methods, such as text, email and more
  • Tailor programs to meet individual member objectives
  • Send branded, personalized digital messages
  • Improve health outcomes and strengthen loyalty
  • Target patients using psychographic segmentation and motivational indexing

“Some of the biggest challenges faced by VitreosHealth customers are related to care management productivity. No organization has enough care managers to engage all the members that require outreach. The opportunities within the population are more numerous than the resources available to pursue them,” says Jay Reddy, CEO of VitreosHealth. “Our Digital Outreach Service utilizes AI-Driven predictive models and takes engagement to the next level by targeting more members.”

The VitreosHealth Digital Engagement platform works seamlessly with their other solutions to provide a holistic view of a patient’s engagement touchpoints. While VitreosHealth’s predictive analytics identifies which high-risk members to contact, the VitreosHealth Care Management Application fueled by prescriptive analytics can make the interactions a care manager has with high-risk members very personal. Precision analytics on what gaps-in-care to target at a member level fuels the VitreosHealth Digital Outreach Solution, making it easy to increase engagement and close gaps in care.

“Leveraging member-level precision analytics along with psychographics and motivational indexing for personalized messaging is critical,” said Jay Reddy, CEO of VitreosHealth. “It helps increase proactive member engagement success by turning this ‘low-touch’ approach into a high impact ‘personal-touch’ experience.”

VitreosHealth’s Digital Member Engagement Service has been implemented for a few select customers since Q4 of last year. These customers have seen a rise in patient engagement; 63% of patients interacted with digital messages. In addition, 75% of patients that received digital messaging came in to clinics to close gaps in care. In visit reminder use cases, this program has resulted in a 22% reduction in missed appointments and $70,000/month revenue recapture. When this platform is employed for chronic disease management and lifestyle management, customers have seen that more than 80% of their patients have made positive progress against their health goals.

You can contact VitreosHealth to understand how Vitreos is taking on risk with their customers with their Pay-for-Performance program and how it works with Digital Outreach.

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About VitreosHealth

VitreosHealth offers the first Insights-as-a-Service delivery model for advanced population health analytics. They leverage Big Data and predictive and prescriptive health insights for population risk models that provide a complete view into the healthcare continuum. Their adaptive insights achieve a patient-centric focus for each perspective within a healthcare organization that leads to quality health outcomes and improves financial performance for a measurable return on investment. VitreosHealth was recently awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 North America Award for New Product Innovation for Advanced Population Health Analytics Solutions.


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