VitreosHealth Launches the Predictive VitreosACO™ Insights Solution to Kickstart 2019 for MSSP ACOs

The recent CMS MSSP ACO performance reports showed that VitreosHealth’s ACO customers performed exceptionally in 2017. Vitreos’s ACO customers have, on average, generated shared savings of more than $550 per member per year. This pattern is expected to continue for the 2018 performance year.

VitreosHealth’s analysis revealed that the ACOs that achieved savings did so by investing in proactive care management driven by predictive analytics. Other ACOs struggled as their care management and member engagement programs did not focus on the right members at the right time. There are several data challenges that ACOs are facing:

  • The data aggregation, ingestion, and validation processes take more than 3 months and is very expensive
  • As a result, implementing proactive care management with actionable Predictive Insights is a huge undertaking
  • Beneficiary assignment challenges which are critical to solve for success for ACOs that are taking on two-sided risk

VitroesHealth introduced The Predictive VitreosACOTM Insights solution to help MSSP ACOs embrace two-sided risk through the CMS’s proposed Pathways to Success (PS) program. This solution addresses the challenges associated with two-sided risk with the following features:

  1. A powerful VDL engine that converts raw ACO files into predictive and prescriptive insights in just a few days. This means Vitreos will take the CCLF files, clean them, validate them, and run them through pre-built ACO predictive analytics engines to deliver customer-specific member insights and utilization reports
  2. Built-in predictive analytics to address the beneficiary assignment problem
  3. Member 360° prescriptive gaps analyses along with Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) that can stratify which members are appropriate for TeleHealth, home visits, complex care management, and proactive care programs
  4. Identifications of risk adjustment gaps through a proprietary ICD propagation algorithm
  5. Predictions of impactable and avoidable cost opportunities for each customer’s specific population to create an actionable plan towards achieving shared savings

VitreosHealth saw the difference that their predictive analytics capabilities can make on the success of an ACO. With this new solution, ACOs can receive customized predictive models and utilization insights in less than 10 days. VitreosHealth CEO, Jay Reddy says, “We believe that the ACO market is undergoing a shakeout that has resulted in ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, and it is in our best interest to ensure all of them succeed under the Pathways to Success program. That’s why we are offering this solution with a faster time-to-value”.

VitreosHealth has also decided to provide this OEM capability to other analytics companies in the hopes of helping more ACOs in their path to success under two-sided risk programs.

About VitreosHealth

VitreosHealth offers the first Insights-as-a-Service delivery model for advanced population health analytics. They leverage Big Data and predictive and prescriptive health insights for population risk models that provide a complete view into the healthcare continuum. Their adaptive insights achieve a patient-centric focus for each perspective within a healthcare organization that leads to quality health outcomes and improves financial performance for a measurable return on investment. VitreosHealth was recently awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 North America Award for New Product Innovation for Advanced Population Health Analytics Solutions. To learn more, visit


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