GlobalHealth Achieving MLR Reduction Through Predictive Analytics

“Population Health” and “Predictive Analytics” have become major ‘buzz’ words in healthcare, with a range of meanings that promise to lower costs and improve member health. But few health organizations can definitively show a measurable ROI.

Until now.

In a lively and engaging webinar, the CEO and COO from GlobalHealth and the CEO of VitreosHealth led a telling 60 minute presentation about the circumstances around GlobalHealth’s decision to start a proactive outreach program built on Big Data with a new predictive and prescriptive analytics paradigm.

For more than two years, GlobalHealth, an Oklahoma-based HMO offering Medicare Advantage plans for seniors and retired government employees, has been using a predictive and prescriptive analytics program that seeks to positively improve its per-member per-month (PMPM), and its care management offerings by targeting and positively changing the lives of potentially at-risk members.

By listening to the webinar you’ll hear how this new model for population health predictive and prescriptive analytics helped GlobalHealth achieve:

  • An 18% reduction in emergency room encounters and emergent hospital admissions
  • Seen a 22% reduction in readmissions
  • And achieved a 16% per-member, per-month reduction in medical costs

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