Missed our Webinar With Dr. Murray Fox, CEO of PPN, and Jay Reddy, CEO of VitreosHealth?

Today, healthcare organizations across the country are seeking to minimize the difficulties as they transition from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Care. Many are facing numerous challenges in order to manage their populations and still achieve positive economic results.

Dr. Murray Fox, CEO of PPN will share the experiences of this IPA in the face of unique challenges as it implemented an internal care management team to support their physicians in outreach of high risk patients. During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to chart a path from fee for service to value-based care;
  • How PPN debunked the myths around value-based care for their physicians as an IPA;
  • How PPN overcame the unique challenges from clinically integrated to value-based care: organizational, technological, incentive and process;
  • And how they implemented a strategy based on predictive analytics to identify at-risk patients and opportunities to close gaps in care.

Access webinar recording to learn the steps PPN has taken to launch their population health strategy, their care management initiative and how they have effectively used predictive analytics to achieve success.

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