Population Health Maturity Model: Technology, Challenges and Competencies Required

What’s your strategy to align population health programs with business goals? Is everyone in your organization armed and ready to support where your program is today and help you capture the financial upside? Are you absolutely certain that the cohorts they’ve created are the right ones, and that they’re focused on the right things every single day?

These are just a few of the worries that keep healthcare executives up at night – on the provider side AND on the payer side. The words they use are different, and the reasons they care vary – but ultimately everyone wants to deliver the right help, to the right patient, at the right time – before anyone develops a chronic condition.

In just one hour, this webcast will help you zero in on technology challenges and competencies that might stand in your way as you tackle the business of population care management.

Who should watch the webcast:

  • Physician groups and provider organizations
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Payer organizations
  • Groups with (or taking on) risk-based contracts
  • Invested in population management programs (or plan to invest)
  • COO, CIO, CEO and other leadership
  • Partners and executive board members

What you will learn:

  • Separating fact from fiction: population analysis roadblocks that everyone faces
  • Eliminating complexities caused by EHR adoption and integration (data warehousing, HIE, diverse analytics apps)
  • Balancing short-term execution with long-term vision
  • Avoiding “big bang investment” with invest-as-needed tech
  • Identifying the “right” tech investment and vendor practices for your organization
  • Making the leap from “analytics” to “insights”

Presented by:

  • Don McDaniel, COO | Sage Growth Partners
  • Kirit Pandit, CTO & VP Product Development | VitreosHealth

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